Ghost Fleet – IPA – 6.7%

This is our house IPA. It is hugely hoppy and aromatic. Hazy and unfiltered with fruity hop flavors. Finishes extremely smooth.

Belgian White – 5.3%

A classic Belgian Witbier that is hazy to the eye with great notes of orange zest, chamomile and coriander. A refreshing beer that is perfect for outdoor drinking.

Grapefruit IPA – 6.8%

Relying on the citrusy Summit, Citra and Centennial hops, this beer starts as a straight IPA. We take it a step further with some real Ruby Red Grapefruit juice. This gives our GIPA a unique color with the unmistakable flavor and aroma of grapefruit.

Imperial Ghost Fleet – 8.9%

Our imperial (or double) version of Ghost Fleet. This version employs Galaxy and Mosaic hops.

Fat Boys – Double IPA – 8.5%

This is our Double IPA. It features bold fruity aromatics commonly associate with American IPAs. It contains a ton of hops including Citra and Equinox. As far as DIPAs go this one is light-bodied with an easy finish.

Whiskey Caramel Imperial Brown – 12.2%

An intensely malty Imperial Brown Ale with rich caramel overtones that has been aged in Catoctin Creek Rye Whiskey Barrels. Notes of oak, vanilla and caramel explode with flavor.

Anniversary Ale – 10.2%

A strong winter warmer aged for an entire year in Breaux Vineyard merlot and malbec barrels with brettanomyces yeasts. Its complex malt tones are balanced by oak and earthy red wine characters.


American Amber – 5.2%

Easy drinking malt forward beer in the American Craft Classic style. Notes of caramel and bread with a gentle hop aroma.



Farmhouse Table Ale – 4.0%

A very light farmhouse beer traditionally served at mealtimes, our table beer is decidedly crisp with fruit aromas and a little funk. It’s served with a higher level of carbonation to give a Champagne-like drinking experience.


Juicy Tangerine White – 5.5%

A sibling of our Classic White, this beer uses the same base mash but is then kettle soured. This creates a clean, mellow and bright acidity. Some fresh tangerine juices were added for a citrus punch.


Cherry Blossom – 6.4%

A Belgian Single at its core, we added a bit of natural flavors by incorporating sour cherries into fermentation. The malt tones are balanced by the tart cherry flavor.

Citra Wheat IPA – 6.3%

An American wheat ale hopped up with 100% Citra hops for a uniquely lemon hop flavor. We employ a special technique that imparts big flavor with almost no bitterness. Served with a distinctive wheat haze.

Milk Stout – 5.8%

A rich and cream stout served on Nitro. Up front sweetness and a silky texture rounded out by dry bitter-sweet chocolate tones. This one is going to come through like delicious milk chocolate.